Our expertise spans across various domains, including international security, geopolitical contexts, transnational political movements, terrorism, and counterterrorism.

Who We Are

Urbano International Consulting is a premier consultancy firm specializing in the intricate dynamics of global security and politics.

Our team comprises seasoned analysts, former intelligence officers, and academic experts who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every project.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous analytical approach and our commitment to delivering actionable intelligence that empowers our clients to navigate complex international landscapes.

In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding international security is crucial. Our analysts provide in-depth assessments of global security challenges, focusing on the implications of military conflicts, defense policies, and alliances.

Our Clients

Our clientele includes all of kind decision makers in public and private sectors

We work closely with government agencies at the local, national, and international levels, providing them with critical intelligence and strategic insights to enhance their security measures and policy-making processes.

Also we assist multnational corporations in understanding the geopolitical risks and market dynamics that impact their operations. We offer strategic advice on risk management, crisis response, and long-term planning to ensure that our corporate clients can make informed decisions and maintain their competitive edge.